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Battle Of The Bad Girls

All you kitchen-dwelling, vacuum-toting, "yes, dear"-saying, never-a-door-touching ladies can sit this one out! Make room for the spikes-donning, spiked-heel-wearing, leather-strapping, attitude-crushing, "Not in your lifetime!" Bad Girls of Con. They say "You can't keep a good man down."; a previous contestant from years past said, "You can with enough chains."

Keep your young ones away from this one! These girls will not only steal their candy, but lick it in front of them to boot (steel-tipped of course)!

Points will be given for...

Best Costume

Nagging Your Mate...

Caveman shoot
(Most acurate with a NERF Bow & Arrow - do NOT bring your own bow The Con will provide use of one)

Best Song and Dance

Best War Whine...

Best Mating refusal