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Mr. Barbarian Contest

Once again we will dredge up all the known Kingdoms and realms to deliver this year's "cream" participants. Some will be willing, others coerced and yet a few more duped into competing for the "Coveted Purple Bull" award. Braun wins over pocket protectors in this one. That's all right, because we geeks came up with this contest just to humiliate and belittle those with more physique than us.

Putting aside the language barrier of English (Federation Standard for you Klingons) versus grunts and other odd sounds, shis show of brute force and insensitivity should rival and even surpass anything you could possibly imagine.

ValleyCon 26 is not responsible nor liable for the contestants reputation, dignity or layability.

AAAAAARGHH retires his 3 year undefeated reign and becomes a judge... Who will be "brute" enough to take over his title as Champion War-mongering, nose-picking, butt-crack in your underwear Mr. Barbarian...

Points will be given for...

Best Costume (Or lack thereof)

Roleplay (Keep it real this time guys)

Best Growl (War and Love/lust)

Sabre tooth Tiger Kill
(Most acurate with a NERF Bow & Arrow - do NOT bring your own bow The Con will provide use of one)

Best Song and Dance

Best "Wooing"/Mating Invitation
(With these guys... Yeah Right...)