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This year there are five "official" con suites (Hospitality Rooms) located throughout the hotel. We encourage you to visit each one and vote on who you think was the best one (More details on this at the con!).

Whurld's End and The Orion Consulate have teamed up this year. They shall bring you the ever so popular Mad Hatter yet again...

The Green HedgeHog Inn returns yet again offering "only the best for the Lords and Ladies of the Con!"
Stop in and sample our fare, refresh yourself with a tankard of Grog, and visit the Sorcerrer's Den. We garuntee you will not find another Inn like ours!

The Green HedgeHog Inn has a middle ages theme...

Fek'lhr's Den makes an astonishing comeback after three years! Come in and fill your tankard with our BLOODWINE! Which brought our Chancellor to his knees the next morning...
"There's a train depot in my head..."
-Chancellor Rustadzh
(Upon awakening for breakfast the next morning.)
Take part in our Klingon Cuisine, and the Romulan Ale liberated by our Diplomatic Corps during their last trip to Romulus

Fek'lhr's Den (Hosted by IKF) has a Klingon Tavern theme...

Starfleet makes a return!

Theme Unknown at this time

Galaxies End, A newcomer to Con Suites has a Star Wars Cantina theme.

Mini Con Suites (In addition to the five)

R2SF2 and MarsCon are sharing a room this year as well...
Friday Night - Visit the R2SF2 Room
Saturday Night - Visit the MarsCon Room

Themes to be announced