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Dragon Ragatta

In ancient times, it was not uncommon for the peoples of the orient to hold boat races for bragging rights in their village. And this yeat, at ValleyCon 26, we have decided to restore a time lost tradition of those people, with a twist.

In the lake of Loch Ness (The pool) there will be sightings of sea monsters, possibly even Nessé herself will show up...

This contest is open to anyone, of any age.

The competition will be divided into three classes:

Class 1 - Children (ages 15 and below)
Class 2 - Adults, Individual (ages 16 and up)
Class 3 - Adults, team (ages 16 and up) See modified rules for team entries

Rules for ValleyCon 26 Dragon Ragatta

All designs must be between 10 (ten) and 18 inches or less in length.
All designs are to be powered only by 1 (one) 9 Volt battary and 1 motor
NO R/C (Radio Controlled) boats allowed
ALL designs must be proven to be able to float
All designs must be dragon oriented with dragons incorporated into the structure or decoration
ANY material may be used in construction as long as the boat floats
The boat MUST NOT come apart or bleed any substance into the water
The boat shall NOT leave the water
NO submersibles
You must show good sportsmanship, and above all, HAVE FUN!!!

Class 3 Team Entry Rule Modifications

May use 2 (two) 9 Volt battaries and 2 (two) motors
Maximum length can be up to 36 (thirty-six) inches in length
NO minimum length requirement
If any boat exceeds specs for class 1, or class 2, and does NOT exceed class 3 specs, it will be considered class 3.

Prize categories will include

In class and Overall awards will be given for these catagories

Fastest time across pool
Most spectacular crash
Most creative design
Crossing the finish line
Strangest design