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>From: "John Hertzler" 
>Subject: Cancellation
>Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 22:16:06 +0800
>Dear friends,
>Well, this is a first for me.  Well, second.
>Unfortunately, I must cancel my appearance at
>ValleyCon this year.  I have been engaged to do a show
>with Holly Hunter that will make it impossible for me
>to attend the con.
>However, I have contacted GOWRON, Robert O'Reilly, and
>he may be able to replace me for this event if you
>would be interested in such a idea.  Other than,
>Robert, I might investigate some other possiblities,
>including, one of the Duras Sisters, Grilka, Delenn
>from Bab-5, Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica,
>Herb Jefferson, also from Battlestar or perhaps even
>Martok's magnificent wife, Lady Sirella, since she has
>never done a con and this might be the one!
>I, of course cannot guarantee any of these guests,
>though I can use my best efforts to reach them.  I am
>currently in Pennsylvania, and can be reached between
>now and July 24th at xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Then I will return
>to LA, for a day then on to Boston, and as of July 31
>I will be in San Jose, CA rehearsing the Holly Hunter
>project, a new play called, BY THE BOG OF CATS, to
>premier in the US at San Jose Repertory Theatre.
>Again, I am sorry about this new committment
>interfering with the con appearance, but such is an
>actor/writer/Klingon Chancellor's life.
>Let me know asap, whom you are most interested in
>contacting as a possible replacement.
>And when I return to LA, I will send a hard copy
>letter regarding my inability to attend.  Thus far,
>this new job has cost me three cons, the huge Las
>Vegas STAR TREK 35th anniversary celebration, and a
>trip to Europe, so I do hope the play is good!
>J.G. Hertzler