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ValleyCon XXVI

We would like to thank Lycos search engine for providing us with the means to show you how to get to the Quality Inn and Suites, site for ValleyCon 26.

Map 1 1 Mile View Area Map (From I-29 and I-94 to Hotel)
Map 2 2500 Ft. View Area Map (Main Ave (Rt. 231/10) Reference)
Map 3 1000 Ft. View Area Map (Block Reference)

Further instruction on how to get here are availible...
See additional Information below each map...

The directions given are straight from a Fargo Cab Driver.
(*Note: Streets run North and South, Avenues run East and West)
(**Note: Streets run in Numeric Order From the River outward in acending order - For example 2nd St. is by the river.)

If coming in via Plane, Train, or Bus, and you need a cab there is a dispatch policy, and one must call to reserve a cab.

Doyle's Yellow Checker: (701) 235-5535 or 1-888-235-5535

Map 1

If heading EAST or WEST on I-94 you will want to go NORTH on I-29. Take the MAIN AVE. EXIT on I-29 and go EAST towards DOWNTOWN
(Left if heading South | Right if heading North)
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Map 2

Go East till you reach Downtown.
If you pass over the Red River you have gone too far!
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Map 3

Continue East (towards Downtown) till you reach 4th St and head North (Left)
(If there is a train go to 2nd St. and take the underpass).
Head North (On 4th St. or 2nd St.) till you reach 3rd Ave North. You should see the Hotel across the street from the Civic Center.
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