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ValleyCon XXVI Operations

The following are policies that will be strictly enforced by ALL ValleyCon Staff and Security personell. ALL ValleyCon patrons will be expected to follow them, there will be NO exceptions.


I. Thou shalt wear thy badge at all times, in plain view, in order to gain entrance into any function. Whosoever shall be found not wearing thy badge shall have thy badge permanently attatched to thee in plain view.

II. Any and ALL weapons shall be peacebonded at all times (Tied to sheath, or holster in order to prevent removal). ANY infraction of this shall result in confiscation of the item until the end of con.

III. Hounour the legal drinking age of 21 when serving or requesting libations. Thou shalt be prepared to produce picture identification. if thou breakest this law, thou shalt be turned out on thy backside.

IV. Thou shalt NOT drink and drive. Find thyself a sofa or call thyself an alternative means of transportation, be it cab or camel.

V. Honour thy hotel staff and other guests.

VI. Thou shalt get at least 2 solid hours of sleep and eat at least one real meal during the convention.

VII. Thou shalt check out of thy hotel room by one thirty. Remember to thank hotel staff appropriately.

VIII. Thou shalt not take pictures in the Art Show Room, nor bring food or beverage into said space.

VIV. Thou shalt not be in posession of confetti, projectiles, pyrotechnics, silly string, etc. on hotel premises.

X. Thou shalt have fun!

Weapons Policy

ValleyCon's definition of a weapon is anything that is actually a weapon, facsimile of an actual weapon, or anuthing that is used as a weapon.
All weapons must be carried in a sheath, sling, or container at all times. They must also be peacebonded.
NO projectile weapons are allowed. A projectile weapon is a device that throws an object or substance, or thrown itself. A loaded squirt gun IS a projectile weapon, an unstrung crossbow without bolts is not.
Above all, think first. If your decorative gear would be unsafe, please do not wear it. Remember those immortal words spoken by mortal mothers everywhere: "you'll put your eye out with that thing!"


We all know that this is a topic that seems to come up every year. ValleyCon permits alcoholic beverages at the convention, and some of the hospitality suites may as well, though we urge you to ask their policy concerning this. There are certain areas of the convention that are owned, and operated by the Mosquito Landing, a legal drinking establishment, therefore NO outside food or beverages will be allowed. The legal drinking age in North Dakota is 21. Neither ValleyCon, the Quality Inn, the Mosquito Landing, nor the Fargo Police Department will tolerate any underage drinking. This will result in revoking of ALL Con privilages, and will mean criminal prosecution. Hospitality suites that serve alcoholic beverages WILL BE REQUIRED to check ID and be responsible for any incidents in their suites. They have the right to refuse serving anyone in their suites.


NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES will be allowed AT, or NEAR the convention. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from convention, it's premisis, and notification of local authorities.