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The Battle For Loch Ness

A Naval battle will take place...

What are you doing with your bellybutton?

No, not that naval...

Then you mean an orange, right?

Oh shut-up and listen....

As I was saying before I was interupted...

A battle will take place just off the shores of Loch Ness (The Pool) Oh, boy! Bathtub fun! ...using the same vessels that were in the race (or you may create a second vessel to place in the battle), and the same rules for construction...

Like the warriors of long ago great skill was needed in defeating the enemy on sea.
The Vikings used their sea-faring skills, and their ships, to ram and board their enemies, as did many other sea-faring cultures of those ancient times.

Rules for Combat

No Projectile weapons will be placed on, or below the boats.

No Chemical weapons will be placed on, or below the boats.

Combat will follow manner of demolition derby.

Each boat shall be aimed at the target and launched accordingly.

Last boat remaining in somewhet operational condition shall be named
Victor of the Battle for Loch Ness.