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ValleyCon XXVI Info

September 21st - 23rd 2001

Quality Inn and Suites
301 3rd Ave. North
Fargo, ND 58102

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**All prices in US funds**

Con Entry: $15.00 in Advance, $25.00 at the Door
Kids 8 and Under: FREE | 9-13 v1/2 Price | 14 + Full Price

Mugs: $12 in advance, $15 at the door

T-shirts: $15 in advance, $20 at the Door
(Please specify Size and Logo - R2SF2, Starfleet, IKF)

Banquet $15. (Limited to 100 persons)

Room Rates: $55.00 (plus Tax) Per Night (Limit 5 per room)
Contact the Con Chair to make reservations!

Dealers Tables: $45.00 per table (Includes 2 passes to con)
- Limited space left (8ft length)

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For more information on the Hotel Rooms, ValleyCon 26, or Dealer's Tables call:
Mike Watkins ConChair @ (218) 233-4046 Between 1pm and 9pm (CST)

For Information on Running a Game, Contact:
Nate Christen @ (701) 478-4147 or E-mail him at:

For Information on Hosting a Panel, Contact:
Co-Con Chair Doug Corbett @
(Limited room available)

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Media GOH is: J.G. Hertzler (General Martok - DS9, Et. Al.)

Author / Artist GOH: Scott Rosema
(Comicbook artist (Batman, Space Ghost, X-men)
and Fantasy artist (Dragon Magazine)

Local Artist GOH: Lady Anita Burbeck-Gould
Fantasy / Tattoo Art

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Dragon Ragatta (A boat race in the pool - open to anyone)

Battle for Loch Ness (A Naval battle in the pool after the boat race)

A Dance on the shores of Loch Ness

The return of The Battle of the Badgirls Contest
and Mr. Barbarian Contest

Panels galore
IKF National Conference
Starfleet Region 6 Conference
Writers workshop
Klingon Mating 101
and many others...

Costume contest

Painted Miniatures contest

Art show / Auction

Charity Auction
Proceeds go to benefit:
The Recording Institute for the Blind and Dyslexic (International)
and The Literacy Coalition for the Valley (Regional)

Mini Masquerade

And... gaming, Gaming GAMING!!!!

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Banquet (Limit 100 persons)

Salad with Dressing
Bread / Roll
Roasted Chicken
Baked Potato
Glazed Carrots
and Apple Pie

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Hospitality rooms (con suites):
The Orion Consulate returns with Whurld's End (ValleyCon 25's Champion Suite)
IKF opens Fek'lhr's Den
The Green Hedgehog INN
Just to name a few...

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For more information e-mail ValleyCon 26 at:
or contact the Con Chairs.